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ESAR- Journal of Education and Social Sciences Research Publication Principles

1- Authors must comply with the writing rules set by the ESAR Board of Directors. The control of the works in terms of spelling and punctuation is the responsibility of the author.

2- Articles are subjected to preliminary evaluation before publication. The articles that pass the pre-evaluation are checked for plagiarism. The Editorial Board sends the article to the referees in line with the Plagiarism report.

3- In line with the report from the referees, it is decided by the Editorial Board whether the article will be published or not. Editorial Board reserves the right not to publish the article independently from the referee reports.

4-If the referees request a correction, the article is sent back to the author. The process of articles that are not returned on time is terminated.

5- The articles corrected within the framework accepted by the Editorial Board are sent to the Board of Directors.

6- Articles approved by the Board of Directors are queued for publication.

7- The author must fulfill the issues communicated by the ESAR Editorial Board in a timely manner. Otherwise, the process of the article is stopped and the expenses (typesetting, layout, etc.) accrued for the article are collected from the author.

Writing rules:

Language of Publication: The language of the journal is Turkish. In addition, texts in English, German, Arabic and Persian are acceptable.

Writing rules:

Turkish Title: It should be written in bold capitals, not exceeding 10-12 words, compatible with the content, and should be placed in the middle of the page. The title should be 11 pt, the December first 20 pt, then 12 pt. Right and left should be written 1cm inside. English Title: It should be written in bold capital letters, not exceeding 10-12 words, under the Turkish abstract, 11 pt, 1 cm inside right and left with 3 nk spaces before and after. Author's name and address: Author (s) 'name (small) and surname (uppercase) should be written in 11 pt., Centered under the title; The title, institution, communication, e-mail addresses and ORCID should be indicated as a footnote in normal characters. Abstract and Key Words: Articles in Turkish or foreign languages should contain abstract between 120-150 words. Turkish and English abstracts should be listed on the first page with a Turkish summary followed by an English summary. Abstract should be 10 point, single line, 1 cm from left and right. Abstract should start just below the name of the author, leaving 3 pt spaces. Under the Abstract and Abstract, there should be keywords between 3-10 words starting with capital letters. The abstract title should be written in 10 pt bold and in the form of "Abstract: Text" - "Abstract: Text".

Main text: Text with Microsoft Word software program on the page with dimensions of 17/24 cm, Times New Roman with 11 font, single line spacing and top 2.5 cm, bottom 2.5 cm, left 2.5 cm, right 2.5 cm It should be submitted in a single column with margins and not exceeding 30 pages. Paragraphs should start with 0 cm indents. The main text should start just below the summary section with 3 pt spaces. Section titles: Subject headings in the article should be numbered, bold and starting from the left margin, except for Introduction, Conclusion and Bibliography. Figures and Tables: The name of the figure should be below the figure and the title of the table above the table. Figures and table numbers should be given as 1, 2, 3, ... Quotations and References: It should be made in Chicago style (classical style) as a footnote numbered below the page. Page numbers are not specified in quotations and quotations made in the form of summarization; Page numbers or numbers are given in full only in direct quotations. Quotations exceeding 3 lines should only be indented 1 cm from the left according to the main text. In footnotes, when the source is used for the first time, it should be made in the form of name surname, title of the work, volume and number, if any, translator's name, publisher, place of publication, date of publication and the page number from which the information was obtained. If the same work will be used many times, a footnote should be included in the form of author surname, age (mentioned work) - agm (mentioned article), relevant page number.

Main Head Size 11 pt, centered, bold

Paper Size 17 x 24 cm

Main Text Top Margin 2.5 cm

Bottom Margin 2.5 cm

Left Margin 2.5 cm

Right Margin 2.5 cm

First line indent 0 cm

Font Times New Roman Font

Type Style Normal Normal

Text Size 11 pt

Paragraph Spacing 3 pt

Line Spacing Single Footnote

Text Size 9 pt

Quote Text Size 10 pt

Quote Margins 1 cm to the left

Abstract Font Times New Roman

Abstract Font Style Normal

Core Margins Right - Left 1 cm

Abstract Text Size 10 pt

Core Title 10 pt, Justified, Bold

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